TPR72 What can we do that a computer cannot?

  • JohnTiffin

    What about that part of intelligence that is inspirational, intuitive or creative that some individuals manifest? I am thinking of the paradigm prophets, the Einsteins and Saussures who shifted paradigms?

  • Robbie Koller

    Could I say John that what you describe as the intelligence of inspiration and intuition is not part of the paradigm of the brain but maybe the syntagms of the paradigm of the soul? Or mind? Or heart?

  • JohnTiffin

    I take the paradigm of the brain to be description of it as a physical object that neurologists agree on and the soul as a religious paradigm. The mind as a paradigm would seem to be somewhere in between.

  • JohnTiffin

    Mind, soul and consciousness are everyday paradigms that we use in general discourse and assume other people share the same meaning or refer to a common state of mind and perhaps they do, but exactly what that is in the case of the soul, the mind, love etc who knows. You touch on a need to classify paradigms, perhaps for a taxonomy of paradigms

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