Paradigm Theory: 2 American Paradigms

If you use these terms then you are a member of the global systems paradigm community: goals, mission statements, objectives, subsystems feedback, input and output. You should know what that means and how systems theory differs from paradigm theory.

Systems theory had its origins in the USA from where it has spread around the world over the last half century. It is the thinking behind the internet, modern management, free-marketing and the restructuring of education. Is paradigm theory an answer?

Of special interest to systems thinkers in every field who have their doubts.


  • Paradigms of heaven and hell
  • Paradigms of beards
  • Paradigms of geography
  • The systems episteme
  • The paradigm of information systems
  • Cybernetics
  • The cybernetics of cybernetics
  • Network paradigms
  • A paradigm of fractal networks
  • Reflection
  • Test
  • References
  • Glossary

Key words: systems analysis, systems theory, information theory, information systems, living systems, network theory, fractal networks, cybernetics, geographical information systems.
Key names: Claude Shannon, Norbert Weiner, Ludwig von Bertanlanffy, Heinz von Foerster, Marshall McLuhan, Richard Hartshorne, Jim Miller, Timothy O’Leary.

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